How to integrate your brand to a Gaming Event

In the Branding Agency Malaysia industry, what makes any E-sports brand easily identifiable is the way their marketing has been planned. E-sports, while not a physical activity, is still considered in the athletic realm and as such is treated with an athletic brand in mind. Teams are given a logo to be worn on jerseys and displayed on tournaments boards and members are given a specific positioning and rank in their roster. They must also remain active as a user in their designated field. Similar to how a football player must attend football events as a way to market and brand the team, so do E-sports athletes who must have a presence online, often times on specific streaming platforms and engage with audiences so that they are easily associated with their teams. Going back to the logo, E-sports teams need to have a symbol that makes it easy to identify or fit a theme, usually based on the country of origin or the games associated with them. They will also build an online presence, through social media and more importantly, a website with their branding all over it.

What seems like a no brainer can often be overlooked as teams attempt to brand themselves to appeal to a greater audience only to gain no notice and no fandom. This can also result in a case of jack-of-all trades, master of none situation in which the teams branding fails to capture audiences because of their losses due to oversaturation. Teams must be branded for their capable and knowledgeable players and while a positive kill/death ratio is important to the player, knowledge of the game and being able to explain his or her methods also helps to give credibility to the team. Branding the teams expertise allows for the team to be thought of highly and give an edge over other branded teams.